Powder Metallurgy Review magazine: 2018 archive

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Powder Metallurgy Review magazine: 2018 archive

Vol. 7 No. 4, Winter 2018

  • Rio Tinto Metal Powders: Celebrating fifty years of metal powder production
  • Catalus Corporation enters a new era of Powder Metallurgy manufacturing
  • WORLDPM2018: Ferrous PM materials and processes for demanding automotive applications
  • WORLDPM2018: Plenary sessions highlight continued growth for global Powder Metallurgy
  • JPMA Awards 2018 recognise innovations within Japan’s PM industry

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Vol. 7 No. 3, Autumn 2018

  • Porite Group: A Powder Metallurgy company built on the success of self-lubricating bearings
  • Sputtering targets: The advantages of Powder Metallurgy in the production process
  • MPIF’s 2018 Design Excellence Award winning parts continue to showcase the abilities of metal powder technology
  • POWDERMET2018: High complexity and high density forming continue to drive PM growth

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Powder Metallurgy Review magazine: 2018 archive

Vol. 7 No. 2, Summer 2018

  • Metal Powder Industries Federation: Education and technology promotion is key to PM’s future
  • Powder Metallurgy functional materials: Applications in electric vehicle manufacture
  • Ceramitec 2018: Industry suppliers showcase the latest in metal powder processing technology
  • Sumitomo Electric: Optimising green machining for integration into a high volume production line

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Powder Metallurgy Review magazine: 2018 archive

Vol. 7 No. 1, Spring 2018

  • Miba Sinter Group: How a global PM producer is adapting to a changing automotive industry
  • High-performance premixes for increased production rates and optimum surface finish
  • Euro PM2017: Optimising sintering processes for improved Powder Metallurgy properties
  • Triamet: A tungsten based alternative to lead for high radiation absorption applications

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  • Tesla teardown: Identifying potential uses for PM in electric vehicle transmissions
  • Can European research still claim to be ‘world class’? Prof José M Torralba on the changed PM research base
  • How to make metal powders. Part 1: An introduction to atomisation, process fundamentals and powder characteristics
  • Starting out in powder production: The story of Fomas Group’s Mimete metal powder business
  • The creation of a Powder Metallurgy market leader: China’s NBTM New Materials Group Co., Ltd.
  • Tungsten heavy alloys: An exploration of how key property combinations enable better mechanical performance
  • Pharmaceuticals and PM are closer than you think: A new approach to understanding powder compaction and tablet characterisation
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Powder Metallurgy: The original net-shape production process

Powder Metallurgy components are relied upon by a wide variety of manufacturing industries, from automotive to power tools, household appliances, chemical engineering, filtration and more.

The main reason for the technology’s success is its cost-effectiveness at producing high volumes of net-shape components, combined with its ability to allow the manufacture of products that, because of the production processes, simply cannot be manufactured by other methods.

To discover more about how the technology has revolutionised component production, browse our Introduction to Powder Metallurgy.

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