Powder Metallurgy Review, Summer 2014, Vol. 3 No. 2


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In addition to more than 30 pages of news from the Powder Metallurgy industry, the 88 page Summer 2014 issue of Powder Metallurgy Review magazine (Vol. 3 No. 2) includes the following articles and special features:


Additive Manufacturing with metal powders: Design for Manufacture evolves into Design for Function

Additive Manufacturing offers the possibility to produce complex parts without the design constraints of traditional manufacturing routes. Components that would not have even been possible just a few years ago can now be made to high standards using a wide range of metal powders. No longer solely a prototyping technology, Additive Manufacturing is now being used for the production of series components for the most demanding applications. Juan F Isaza P and Claus Aumund-Kopp review the various processes in use as well as key application areas and present an outlook for a technology that is set to revolutionise the future use of metal powders.

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Titanium PM 2013 Conference: The impact of impurities, advances in porous titanium and titanium Additive Manufacturing

The second International Titanium Powder Processing, Consolidation and Metallurgy Conference, PM Titanium 2013, took place in Hamilton, New Zealand, from December 2-4 2013. The event attracted over 80 participants from around the world to discuss the latest advances in the field of titanium Powder Metallurgy. Prof Ma Qian of RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) reports on selected highlights from the conference on behalf of Powder Metallurgy Review.

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Vacuum sintering and Low Pressure Carburising of PM components

In order to improve the efficiency of the sintering and heat treatment of PM alloys for high load bearing applications such as PM transmission gears, France’s ECM Technologies has developed an innovative new combined batch vacuum sintering and Low Pressure Carburising furnace. The system enables the complete thermal treatment of PM components in one step, as well as optimising the quenching and case hardening processes. ECM’s Hubert Mulin, Yves Giraud and Jean-Jacques Since and Höganäs AB’s Mats Larsson report for Powder Metallurgy Review.

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Non-ferrous powder production: Manufacturing methods and properties of copper, aluminium, titanium and nickel powders

This extensive 23 page review of key non-ferrous powders used in the Powder Metallurgy industry focuses on the production and properties of copper, aluminium, titanium and nickel powder. Professor Oleg Neikov, from the Institute for Problems of Materials Science in Kiev, Ukraine, identifies the methods available for manufacturing these powders including detailed descriptions of the atomisation process, mechanical grinding, and electrochemical methods. A number of key powder properties are also listed.

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As well as an extensive Powder Metallurgy industry news section, this 124-page issue includes the following exclusive articles and reports:

  • PowderMet2021: A cautious return to normality for North America’s PM industry
  • A ‘hidden champion’ of PM: Celebrating a century of innovation and success at Plansee
  • An industry old-timer’s view on the question of vehicle electrification, misleading messaging and the status of PM
  • Diversity, sustainability, efficiency: How two of Japan’s Powder Metallurgy SMEs are thriving in a challenging landscape
  • Designing AC motors for the electric vehicle revolution? Forget laminations, think Soft Magnetic Composites
  • A route to the sustainable production of battery materials with 6K’s plasma technology
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Powder Metallurgy: The original net-shape production process

Powder Metallurgy components are relied upon by a wide variety of manufacturing industries, from automotive to power tools, household appliances, chemical engineering, filtration and more.

The main reason for the technology’s success is its cost-effectiveness at producing high volumes of net-shape components, combined with its ability to allow the manufacture of products that, because of the production processes, simply cannot be manufactured by other methods.

To discover more about how the technology has revolutionised component production, browse our Introduction to Powder Metallurgy.

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