Powder Metallurgy Review, Autumn/Fall 2021, Vol. 10 No. 3

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In addition to 55 pages of news from the Powder Metallurgy industry, the 124-page Autumn/Fall 2021 issue of Powder Metallurgy Review magazine (Vol. 10 No. 3) includes the following articles and special features:

PowderMet2021: A cautious return to normality for North America’s PM industry

June 2021 marked a welcome, if cautious, return to normality for the North American PM industry as PowderMet2021 was held once again. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry had been forced to forego not just its typical calendar of networking and knowledge exchanges, but faced the added blow of a cancelled PM World Congress in 2020.

Bernard North attended PowderMet2021 on behalf of PM Review, and here offers an overview of the conference, the optimistic atmosphere on the trade show floor, and the market developments reflected in the programme and exhibitor list.

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A ‘hidden champion’ of PM: Celebrating a century of innovation and success at Plansee

Situated in the picturesque Austrian Alps, and named after the mountain lake it sits near, Plansee SE has been innovating in Powder Metallurgy since 1921.

From humble beginnings producing W lamp filaments, Mo wire for lighting and Mo and W heating elements, as well as semifinished Mo and W products, the company has expanded into a world leader in the fields of refractory metals and hardmetals, as well as a respected force for technical research and knowledge transfer.

As the company celebrates its 100th year, Prof Dr Herbert Danninger, FAPMI, FEPMA, presents a detailed overview of Plansee past and present.

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An industry old-timer’s view on the question of vehicle electrification, misleading messaging and the status of PM

Dr Cesar Molins, CEO of Powder Metallurgy parts producer AMES Group, former president of the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA), and self-described ‘industry old timer’, has seen first-hand the evolution of the modern PM industry. But it is now an industry with an unclear future as its primary market, the automotive industry, navigates a path through rapid technological change driven on by seemingly contradictory and confused political messaging. But in Molins’ opinion, while the course may be set towards an electrified future, the end of the ICE is further away than we think.

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Diversity, sustainability, efficiency: How two of Japan’s Powder Metallurgy SMEs are thriving in a challenging landscape

Whilst many of Japan’s major multinational PM companies are recognised globally, Japan’s domestic Powder Metallurgy industry is in large part driven by SMEs.

In this article, international PM consultant Dr Yoshinobu Takeda details the steady growth of two of Japan’s most successful PM SMEs, NAPAC and Nihon Kizai, as a blueprint for what can be achieved by smaller actors by leveraging a diverse product portfolio, an ethos of sustainability, and an efficient production mindset.

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Designing AC motors for the electric vehicle revolution? Forget laminations, think Soft Magnetic Composites

In the field of AC motor design, Powder Metallurgy soft magnetic composites offer a viable alternative to the lamination assemblies that have, until now, been the norm. A major potential application area for the PM industry, they offer reduced core losses and higher efficiencies. However, comparing the DC performance of these materials, or relying on Epstein Frame testing of SMC structures against individual sheets of lamination steel, can suggest otherwise.

To counter this misleading data, Horizon Technology’s Francis Hanejko, Jennifer Thorwart and Phil McDonald present test data comparing lamination assemblies to press and heat treated SMC assemblies for motor stators and AC electrical devices.

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A route to the sustainable production of battery materials with 6K’s plasma technology

Whilst the move towards vehicle electrification comes with the promise of a clean, green future, there are concerns about both the environmental impact of raw material production for batteries and political concerns surrounding the sources of these materials. US-based material producer 6K Inc. is leveraging its plasma technology to provide a more efficient route for the processing and recycling of materials for EV batteries.

Here, 6K’s Bruce Bradshaw and Richard Holman share insight into the company’s vision and technology to meet some of the challenges faced as we head towards an electric future.

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JSJW New Materials: Bringing high-quality, high-volume spherical metal powder production to the Chinese market

Based at the Powder Metallurgy Industrial Park of Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, JiangSu JinWu (JSJW) New Materials Co., Ltd. has leveraged thirty years of research at Beijing University of Science and Technology to produce industrial volumes of high-quality spherical titanium, nickel superalloy and aluminium powders, as well as high-entropy powders, for applications including MIM, AM and PM.

Dr Chiou Yau Hung (Dr Q) visited the company on behalf of PM Review and here offers an overview of how the management at JSJW has used its research expertise to advance the production and processing of challenging PM materials.

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