MPIF launches PowderMet and AMPM retrospective webinar

January 25, 2022

The presentation by Hoeganaes’s Neal Kraus will be available as part of the series from January 27 (Courtesy MPIF)

The Metal Powder Industries Foundation (MPIF) has announced a new webinar series featuring key presentations from the PowderMet2021 and AMPM2021 conferences. Beginning January 27, and carrying on through December, two presentations from the conferences will be available to view on the fourth Thursday of each month.

The presentations are complimentary to all MPIF member company employees. Non-MPIF members can purchase the series, or parts of the series, for a nominal fee.

The presentation schedule is as follows:

January 27

  • Improved Powder Compaction Through Use of Advanced Binders and Lubricants by Neal Kraus, Hoeganaes Corporation
  • Additive Manufacturing of Refractory Grid Structures – Historical Overview by Juha Kotila, EOS Finland

February 24

  • Material Options for Improved Dimensional Consistency by Roland Warzel III, North American Höganäs Co.
  • Development of a Surface Roughness Measurement Sample and Its Use in Sinter-Based Metal Additive Manufacturing by John Reidy, Desktop Metal

March 24

  • Lightweighting Material and Process Options for Automotive Applications – Focus on PM Aluminum by Chaman Lall, MPP
  • Evaluation of AM Technologies in MIM Applications by Joe Struass, HJE Company, Inc.

April 28

  • Mix Solution for High Green-Strength and Green Machining by Roland Warzel III
  • Processing of Tungsten Heavy Alloy Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing by Animesh Bose, Desktop Metal

May 26

  • Understanding the Factors Influencing PM Dimensional Change to Improve Part Consistency by Neal Kraus, Hoeganaes Corporation
  • 3D Printing for Production: Reducing Variation of Binder Jet 3D Printed Parts by Andrew Klein, ExOne

June 23

  • Advancements in Continuous Processing of Soft Magnetic Components by Stephen Feldbauer, Abbott Furnace Company
  • Factors Affecting the Dimensional Variation in SS 17-4 PH Binder Jet Components by Venkat Roy, INDO MIM Inc

July 28

  • Increased Productivity and Longer Tool Life in Machining High Strength Powder-Forged Connecting Rods by Bo Hu, North American Höganäs Co.
  • 3D Printing of Permanent Magnets by Kalathur Narasimhan, FAPMI, P2P Technologies

August 25

  • Microstructure Development in Dual Phase Stainless Steel Parts Made by Laser Bed Powder Fusion by Thomas F Murphy, FAPMI, Hoeganaes Corporation
  • Highlights of Copper Development for Binder Jet: Porosity Control for Metal Filters, Nanoparticle Enhancements, Isostatic Pressing and Oxidation Control by Patrick Dougherty, ExOne

September 22

  • Improvements in Parts Production Enabled by Full Cycle Closed-Loop Hydraulic Control by Heath Jenkins, Gasbarre Products, Inc.
  • A Comparison and Evaluation of Defect Detection Capabilities of Resonant Acoustic Method Non-Destructive Testing on Additive Manufactured Parts by Bryan Butsch, The Modal Shop, Inc

October 27

  • Use of Advanced Premix Solutions to Increase Dimensional Consistency by Julie Campbell Tremblay, PMT, Rio Tinto Metal Powders
  • Development of a Free-Sintering-Low-Alloy (FSLA) Steel for the Binder Jet Process by Thomas F Murphy, FAPMI, Hoeganaes Corporation

November 24

  • Toward the Improvement of Dimensional Control in FeCuC Steels by Elena Bernardo, AMES (Spain)
  • Effect of Atomization Method and Post-Processing Treatments on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-6Al-4V Alloys Manufactured via Laser Powder Bed Fusion by Leandro Feitosa, Sandvik Machining Solutions AB

December 22

  • Sinter-Hardening of PM and AM Parts by W Brian James, FAPMI, PMtech
  • Low Alloy Water-Atomized Steel Powder to Produce Pump Parts Using LPBF by Amin Molavi Kakhki, Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium

More information and registration to the series is available here.

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