MPIF award winning Powder Metallurgy parts highlight diversity of the technology

June 21, 2017

Awards of distinction


Automotive-Transmission: Stackpole International

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An Award of Distinction in the Automotive-Transmission Category was given to Stackpole International, Canada, for a sinter-brazed planetary carrier made for ZF, Germany. The assembly, consisting of a guide plate and a spider, goes into a new 9-speed automotive transmission. The PM design solution for a lightweight carrier met all the customer’s design and durability requirements.


Automotive-Transmission: Keystone Powdered Metal Co.

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Another Award of Distinction in the Automotive-Transmission Category went to Keystone Powdered Metal Co., St. Marys, Pennsylvania, for an oil pump drive sprocket made of prealloyed steel and fabricated for Linamar Corporation, Canada. The part is used in a new 10-speed automatic transmission that goes into the Ford F-150 truck. The part passed extensive durability testing with particular emphasis on noise, vibration and harshness requirements, so critical in automatic transmissions.


Automotive-Transmission: Burgess-Norton Mfg. Co. Inc.,

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The final Award of Distinction in the Automotive-Transmission Category was won by Burgess-Norton Mfg. Co. Inc., Geneva, Illinois, for a sinter-hardened steel pocket plate made for Means Industries Inc. The part is a major component of a controllable clutch, a new design for multi-speed transmissions.


Automotive—Engine: NetShape Technologies

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The Award of Distinction in the Automotive-Engine Category was given to NetShape Technologies, Floyds Knobs, Indiana, for a copper steel duplex cam sprocket made for US Tsubaki Automotive, LLC. The part goes into the 4.4 litre Big Lion diesel engine in Land Rover’s flagship vehicle. An original PM design, the part offers an estimated 30% savings over the cost of machining it from wrought.


Automotive-Chassis: Indo-MIM Pvt. Ltd

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The Award of Distinction in the Automotive-Chassis Category went to Indo-MIM Pvt. Ltd., India, for a MIM-4605 low-alloy steel top plate and check shim stop made for its customer Multimatic Dynamic Suspensions. The mating parts go into shock absorbers on the Chevrolet Camaro sports car. The MIM design provided increased repeatability and accuracy, providing an estimated 25% cost savings.


Lawn & Garden/Off-Highway: FMS Corporation

The Award of Distinction in the Lawn & Garden/Off-Highway Category was given to FMS Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota, for a sinter-hardened steel pivot shift fork made for Team Industries. The part goes into a shifting mechanism in an all-terrain vehicle transmission. The two sets of journals are an absolute requirement as they enable the fork to pivot, which is its very function.


Aerospace/Military: ARC Group Worldwide

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An Award of Distinction in the Aerospace/Military Category was earned by ARC Group Worldwide, Longmont, Colorado, for a MIM-4140 low-alloy steel latch made for Sig Sauer Inc. The internal latch drives a subassembly for the telescoping feature of the collapsible stock on MCX and MPX rifles. The part was designed for MIM as it could not be economically made using any other fabrication method.


Hand Tools/Recreation: Indo-MIM Pvt. Ltd

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An Award of Distinction in the Hand Tools/Recreation Category went to Indo-MIM Pvt. Ltd., India, for a set of metal injection moulded parts, including a barrel block, gas block, bolt catch, 7.62 NATO mag conversion bar, ejector retainer, and extractor link, that go into an MDR rifle made by Deserttech. The MIM-designed parts replaced ones that were machined, and reduced the cost by 30% while manufacturing lead-time was cut in half.


Hardware/Appliance: ASCO Sintering Co.

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An Award of Distinction in the Hardware / Appliance Category went to ASCO Sintering Co., Commerce, California, for a copper-infiltrated steel bolt used in a commercial door lock system. The part’s complexity, with its 9 levels, rivals that which is more typically seen in parts produced via MIM. The bolt is pressed and sintered to its final shape without any secondary operations. It is estimated to save 60% over the cost of other manufacturing methods.


Industrial Motors/Controls & Hydraulics: Capstan

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An Award of Distinction in the Industrial Motors/Controls & Hydraulics Category went to Capstan, Wrentham, Massachusetts, for a copper-steel clutch piston. The part is used in an industrial power takeoff system, a relatively new development for PM pistons. It is a multilevel compacted part that, combined with multiple secondary processing steps, yields a highly precise, machined, and sealed PM component, an economically attractive alternative to a machined die cast one. This component is a prime example of how innovative machining techniques, performed on precise, near-net as-sintered blanks, can add great value and open up new markets for the PM industry.

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